Site Evaluation

The project will begin with a site evaluation that includes mapping all assets in the facility and all potential leak sites. A sensor deployment map will identify the number of sensors required to adequately monitor the facility.


Sensor Deployment

GASSys sensors are deployed at sites throughout the facility at fixed locations, on mobile assets, and on site personnel creating an immense fabric of detectors. Upon activation, the sensors self-geolocate and begin reporting gas levels. These sensors, through the PreventSys platform, continuously report flammable gas levels allowing the creation and continuous updating of an atmosphere map of the facility.


Gas Detection

A diesel engine receives an electronic kill signal as a result of the hazardous gas levels sensed by the ActivatorSys. Flammable gas levels exceeding baseline levels will drive appropriate reporting responses and required actions up to and including the electronic shutdown of engines.


Mesh Networking

Local area communications (e.g., LoRa, Zigbee) provide early insights to other diesel engines armed with ActivatorSys. Neighboring sensors direct actions to shut down engines in the vicinity of a detected gas event. When human intervention is not rapid enough, the system initiates shutdown of all potential ignition sources (i.e. engines) in the critical area.


Actuating Edge

The PreventSys platform provides user-configurable response and real-time intelligent insights throughout the local network. Activator-enabled fixed, ancillary or mobile assets. Local alerts provide prompt actions and provide current data to local field personnel via vehicle information screens, handheld devices and on control panel displays.


Cloud Intelligence

Data analytics is used to distill the historical illuminating trends in the variant gas levels, actions and responses at each site. The information is stored and processed in the cloud for immediate and archival access via the Internet of Things.

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